What is coworking? 

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared workspace and cohesively binds independent working and large group. Most times coworking locations include a range of different companies working together.  Coworkers bond by collaborating with their work and social activities put on by the coworking establishment.

How will coworking benefit my business?

As a small business entrepreneur, we understand that getting your business off the ground is not easy. We’ve created a cost-effective one-stop shop for businesses providing them everything from internet to printing services to networking events. But we also put you in a productive work environment for your business ideas to thrive and grow.

Can I bring a guest for the day?

All guests are required to purchase a day pass unless they are a part of a meeting you are hosting in the conference or meeting room. Private Offices are available for purchase at a daily rate of $200 per day if you have multiple guests or meetings.

Can I bring my kids? Pets?

Although we value family, your Collab membership does not include Pets or Children.

There are times I may need to concentrate or get on a work call. Is there a place for quite work?

You can work in peace and quiet in one of our meeting rooms or in one of our phone booths.

I work for a large business. Is there are a place for my business at The Collab?

Yes! Large enterprises can work at The Collab Inc. and purchase an Enterprise Membership for 1-5 of their salespeople or rent a private office a few days a week.

Can I host an event at The Collab, Inc.? 

Yes, we encourage events at the Collab. Events at The Collab are available after working hours and all day Sunday.  We also have vendors that we work with that can help you with catering and rentals.

I’m ready to become a member! What is the process for joining? Click Here!



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